Roberto Cavalli Presents: The Ring Of Fire

Gold prints, sparkle, and fire-red furs; this season Roberto Cavalli transformed the Cavalli woman into a scorching goddess of strength and fantasy at Milan Fashion Week.

It was a dance of energy at the Roberto Cavalli Fall 2014-15 show, where models hit the ring of fire catwalk in a collection that had editors and front-rowers scouring for the nearest fire exit — just, as a precaution.

But despite the flickering flames rising from the middle of the catwalk, Cavalli’s Fall 2014-15 show was just as scorching as it’s fire-ring centerpiece.

Silky black crystal-laden gowns came with hemlines printed in flames; snakeskin getups and flapper dresses were accessorized with fire-red fur collars; and dip-dye hues speckled black fuzzy mohair sweaters.

Watch as models Joan Smalls, Malaika Firth, Hollie May Saker and more are transformed into Cavalli’s flapper woman fantasy:

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2014-15 Collection

FashionTV brings you exclusive photos from the Roberto Cavalli Fall 2014-15 runway show at Milan Fashion Week.

Follow the action as it happens – catwalk shows, pictures, and news – only with FashionTV’s Milan Fashion Week Review.

Images courtesy of: Roberto Cavalli

FashionTV brings you exclusive photos from the Roberto Cavalli Fall 2014-15 runway show at Milan Fashion Week.

Follow the action as it happens – catwalk shows, pictures, and news – only with FashionTV’s Milan Fashion Week Review.

Images courtesy of: Roberto Cavalli


What is your favorite look of the collection

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I Wore Carrie Bradshaw's Naked Dress On a Date

From Harper’s BAZAAR

Sure, I’ve had pre-date jitters before, but few things have made me more nervous than wearing a “naked” dress for the occasion. In honor of #NudeWeek, I volunteered to test out Carrie Bradshaw’s brazen tactic of wearing a naked dress on a date-as she did with Mr. Big.

Most of us know how that story ends-or should I say, begins-with the two having sex before they even make it to dinner. Initially, the task of wearing such a dress sounded fun albeit a little awkward, but I was certain that I could approach the challenge with the same nonchalance as Bradshaw.

The first task was choosing my date. I hated the thought of carrying out this assignment with a complete stranger-even Carrie had multiple run-ins and chances to flirt with Big before their official date. There was an established connection and palpable sexual tension. So, I opted for a guy who fit similar criteria; a guy I had been seeing casually. Established connection, check; sexual tension, double check. Also, I knew I could count on him to have a good laugh over the situation. I initiated the meet-up the night before, and we settled on drinks in our neighborhood.

After I secured my date, I started contemplating just how naked I should be in my naked dress. I called in a few samples of slip dresses that day, but none of them seemed truly right; some weren’t sheer enough or fitted enough, and it was impossible to find one that actually matched my skin tone like Carrie’s did. If I was going to wear a naked dress though, I wanted to do it right. I decided to go all out-in an off-white cotton chemise from American Apparel that I usually reserve for sleeping. Did Carrie Bradshaw wear underwear under her naked dress? Even if she didn’t, I had my limits-considering I was going bra-less and my nipples were pretty visible-so underwear was deemed necessary. I was already running late, and the time spent prepping my look had my heart racing. Can I really do this? I was tempted to change into my normal clothes, but I knew had to do it. I threw on a low stacked heel to keep my look toned down-as toned down as one could look in a practically see-through dress, of course. Since it wasn’t cold out, I couldn’t rock a glamorous fur with my look à la Bradshaw. Instead, I decided on a soft trench, which left me feeling a little bit like a flasher as I secured it around my waist, leaving one leg exposed.

My heart pounded with every step I took on the way to the bar. The looks that I got from men on the street didn’t help either-I imagined they all thought I was going to surprise a man in just my trench coat, with nothing else underneath. Well, they were partially right. My mind was mainly flooded with thoughts of what my date would think- would he assume that this was a desperate attempt to win his affection and seal the deal?

“Why are you dressed like a flasher?” he asked me with a puzzled look on his face when I finally arrived at the bar. Followed promptly by, “Wow, that’s really short,” after I unwrapped my trench coat and took the seat next to him. “Are you wearing underwear?” he asked before taking it upon himself to investigate. With a slightly devious expression, he touched my hip to feel for a second layer.

The bar was painfully quiet as I stumbled to come clean about my risqué attire. I immediately made him switch stools with me so I could have my back to the rest of the patrons, not wanting to be distracted by their imminent stares. It wasn’t my most confident moment but his joking finally put me at ease. While I found myself checking my posture, adjusting the dainty straps and fidgeting with the hemline to make sure everything stayed covered up, I never let my dress completely distract me from the fact that I was still me, even when I could feel his eyes following my fingertips. To be honest, I was just mostly concerned with how my boobs looked-since I recently turned 30, I’ve spent more time pondering the laws of gravity and how they may or may not affect my body.

Still, I’ve never considered myself to be someone who lacks in the body confidence department-I’ve always known that I’m quite lucky. I’ve never once worried about what a guy will think about my naked body. But there was something about putting my body-my sexuality-out there in public in such an overt way that made me uncomfortable, especially in the eyes of someone I genuinely liked. Part of me feared whether he would be put off by my little stunt. As a woman, I know all too well what it’s like to be judged, not to mention harassed, for wearing revealing clothing.

I’ve always enjoyed dressing sexy, but I like to be more coy about it. I have boobs and a butt and I’m not against showing them off, but it’s all about balance. I like my skirts short, but I keep my tops demure. If I’m going for a revealing neckline, I pair it with high-waisted boyfriend jeans. Sure, I’ve been known to rock a body-con dress or two, but I’ve never executed such a look on a date.

Going into it that evening, I honestly had no idea how the night would end. My date had initially prefaced our evening with the fact that he had a work deadline looming, so I didn’t necessarily have my hopes set too high. But it quickly became clear that his time restriction was not as important, and as one would assume, a naked dress definitely ensures you won’t go home alone.

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This Woman Was Kicked Out of the Gym for Wearing a Tank Top

A tank top on a curvy woman is still a tank top. (Photo: Getty Images)

Body-shaming is never okay, but when it happens in an establishment that’s supposed to encourage a strong body image — well, that’s just really wrong. Rose Nickels, a woman from Ottawa, Canada, says that this is exactly what happened to her at her local gym, the Movati Athletic Club in Orleans, Ontario.

Nickels took to Facebook to share the experience, saying that staff members at the gym publicly shamed her for the size of her chest. “I was instructed by a supervisor at the club that my tank top was inappropriate dress and is offensive to both the staff and other members,” she says. Here’s what her outfit actually looked like:

(Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/Rose Nickels)

(Image courtesy of Facebook/Rose Nickels)

After observing other women at the athletic club on her way out (and asking whether her attire offended them — they said “no”) Nickels pointed out to the staff that her top was no different than the tops of other women working out there. Instead of agreeing, they informed her that “it did not matter,” and said that due to her chest size, she could not wear a tank top in their gym.

Unfortunately, these instances of obvious body-shaming are more frequent that they should be. Body-shaming pregnant women has been running rampant thanks to Internet trolls, who say celebrity moms-to-be like Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel are “too skinny” to be healthy, while other celebrity moms like, Blac Chyna, are called “huge” and “gross” —  because telling women the natural way their bodies are is appropriate.

Even Instagram fitness models like Sjana Earp have been body-shamed  — she was called too skinny — which caued her to lash out at her critics in a post that said, “I simply block any user and delete their comments if they are critical of me OR anyone else OR if they swear because I want this space (my profile) to be a place of love, empowerment and posivity… [sic] Not judgment and criticism.”

It seems that no matter what your body type is, you’re constantly at risk of being body-shamed.

Nickels said it best: “Different figures does not mean different rules.” Discrimination like this against a woman’s natural body shape in any establishment is absolutely ridiculous and shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what.

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Fashion Retrospective: Gisele Bundchen – The Early Years

Back in the day the sultry Brazilian-born Gisele Bundchen was labeled “Olive Oyl” by her friends due to her skinny figure. Her exotic beauty was discovered accidentally while walking in a mall – imagine that!

Now Gisele’s face has become recognized on pages in countless catalogues, campaigns and runways. And she’s become one of the most successful supermodels the world has ever known. FashionTV gives you a retrospective of the beautiful Gisele Bundchen.

Like every Cinderella story, Gisele was born far from the spotlight and the runway in a small city in Brazil. She is one of five sisters – one that is actually her twin! Who knew? As a little girl Gisele dreamed of becoming a professional volleyball player and never actually thought her claim to fame would be on the catwalk.

Upon getting discovered in Sao Paulo by a modeling agent while walking around in a shopping mall, Giselle’s success was immediate. She was selected for a national beauty contest called “Elite Look of the Year” and won second place. Gisele was also recognized globally in an international contest. A short time later she was labeled one of the highest paid models in Brazil.

Gisele – retrospective clip 1998 – 2004

Gisele Stuns McQueen

In 1995 Gisele decided to branch out to other cities in the world in order to gain more career exposure. At the age of 16, Bundchen made her first steps on the glamorous New York Fashion Week runways. From that point on it was almost sure that the young Brazilian was going to be the world’s next top model. Fashion journalists and top designers were obsessed with her unique walk on the runway – later denoting it “horse walk” – and were impressed by her charismatic charm.

In 1997 Gisele walked in a total of 42 fashion shows during highly anticipated fashion weeks all over the world. A year later she participated in one of Alexander McQueen’s most memorable shows called “’Rain’ Ready-To-Wear.”  In this show models were asked to walk in towering heels on a slippery runway. McQueen was amazed by Gisele’s performance. After that show she was asked to partake in many future projects for top designers and earned worldwide fame and recognition.

McQueen 1998 (Gisele is on 01:36)

Top designers from all fashion capitals wanted Gisele to walk their collections. In 1998 Giselle walked for top brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gianfranco Ferre, Chloé, Valentino, and Missoni among many others. She also made the covers of many well-known fashion magazines, including French Vogue.

Worldwide Fame

All over the world women and men alike fell in love with Giselle’s face and defined body. By 2000 she appeared on more than 600 magazine covers. The only person to have appeared at that time on more magazine covers than Miss Giselle was the late Princess Diana. Giselle’s $20 million contract with Victoria’s Secret signed that year gave her even more credibility in the modeling world. She became one of the sexy steamy Angels for a consecutive seven seasons.

Gisele – Victoria’s Secret retrospective clip

Over the years the Brazilian bombshell opened for countless fashion shows and took part in top-notch advertising campaigns. One of her most successful collaborations was with Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. Between 1998-2003 Gisele participated in every fashion campaign the duo designers produced, and between 2006-2009 she was the face of the Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance “The One.”

Dolce & Gabbana 2002 (Gisele opens the show)

Although it seems like designers just can’t get enough of Gisele, surprisingly she still has time to pursue interests other than modeling. In addition to wooing designers, journalists and photographers on and off the catwalk, Gisele spends a chunk of her life dealing with real estate – a long time hobby of hers. She once said that modeling takes just 40% of her time and the rest is dedicated to purchasing real estate in Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, New York, California, Costa Rica and Santa Monica.

Forbes Magazine listed Gisele as the highest paid model in 2011 earning $45 million. When she got married and became a mother, Giselle said goodbye to Victoria’s Secret and the Angels. But this didn’t interfere with her successful career. She even launched her own skin care product line and her ability to radiate luxury as well as simplicity and affordability made her even more lovable all over the world. And in 2011 she was the face of many campaigns by Versace, Dior and H&M.

Gisele – 1999 – 2000 clip

Time has done nothing but good for Gisele Bundchen. And to think that it all started that day at a mall. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! But at FashionTV we believe that even if Gisele weren’t at the mall that day, her timeless beauty would have taken her to a longstanding modeling career anyway.

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Kesha “It Ain’t Me, Babe” Billboard Music Awards Video – Watch BBMAs Performance!


Kesha performed “It Ain’t Me, Babe” at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. Watch below!

Kesha’s journey to the BBMAs stage at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was not an easy one. It was first announced earlier this month that she would be among this year’s performers, after which a report claimed she planned to use the performance to make a “statement” about her ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke. After that allegation surfaced, Dr. Luke’s record label Kemosabe rescinded its approval of Kesha’s participation in the awards show.

The cancellation, just days before the ceremony, prompted Kesha to post her disappointment on Instagram, where she insisted the claims about her intended performance were untrue. It was then that the singer said she was actually planning to cover Bob Dylan. “I just wanted to make very clear that this performance was about me honoring one of my favorite songwriters of all time and has never had anything at all to do with Dr. Luke,” she wrote, as Gossip Cop reported at the time.

Kesha went on, “I was never going to use a picture of him, speak of him or allude to my legal situation in any way. I simply wanted to sing a song I love to honor an artist I have always looked up to. thank u all for the continued support.” Then, after additional assurances about her intentions, Dr. Luke and Kemosabe again reversed course and re-approved the performance.

In response, Kesha thanked her fans for taking to social media to encourage the performance. “Good work animals,” she tweeted on Friday. “Looks like our voices can be heard after all.” And on Saturday, Kesha admitted she was “nervous and excited.”

But thankfully, the performance, for which Kesha was joined by Ben Folds, seemed to go off without a hitch. Check out full video of “It Ain’t Me, Babe” at the BBMAs below!

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Naomi Campbell, Irina Shayk & Rita Ora Are The Stars Of PHILIPP PLEIN

What do you get when you put the world’s greatest supermodels with the world’s biggest music stars and mix them together at one of the hottest shows on the Milan Fashion Week lineup? Only Naomi Campbell, Irina Shayk, Rita Ora, and more gracing the PHILIPP PLEIN Fall 2014-15 show!

Yesterday evening, Milan Fashion Week closed the penultimate day with a bang! When an all-star model cast took to the runway in the latest fashions of Italian designer Philipp Plein.

For his cowgirl-themed fall show, much like that of his recent menswear collection, Plein opted to cast biggest names in fashion such as Naomi Campbell, Irina Shayk, and Victoria’s Secret models Izabel Goulart and Lindsay Ellingson among the hot, hot lineup.

But if that wasn’t enough excitement, British singer Rita Ora opened the show with an exclusive performance, stepping out of a customised Chevrolet El Camino, and wearing a bralette and some super baggy jeans.

Watch and learn, as Philipp Plein invites you to experience a world of sexy style where luxe leathers, gilded boots, and fabulous furs encompassed the fashions of the American Dream.

Philipp Plein Fall 2014-15 Collection

FashionTV brings you exclusive photos from the Philipp Plein Fall 2014-15 runway show at Milan Fashion Week.

Follow the action as it happens – catwalk shows, pictures, and news – only with FashionTV’s Milan Fashion Week Zone.

Images courtesy of: Philipp Plein

FashionTV brings you exclusive photos from the Philipp Plein Fall 2014-15 runway show at Milan Fashion Week.

Follow the action as it happens – catwalk shows, pictures, and news – only with FashionTV’s Milan Fashion Week Zone.

Images courtesy of: Philipp Plein


If you were a model for a day, which fashion show would you walk at

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Queen Rania of Jordan Joins the Balmain Army

Who’s the most stylish royal of them all? That’ll be the Queen of Balmain — sorry, the Queen of Jordan.

Attending a gala dinner at the Royal Castle of Laken, in Brussels, with her husband, King Abdullah II of Jordan; Belgium’s King Philippe; and his wife, Queen Mathilde, Queen Rania dressed more like Kim Kardashian West than Cinderella. The 45-year-old from Kuwait paired a floor-length black skirt with sheer panels, tassel details, and embroidery with a white blouse featuring cropped trumpet sleeves.

The skirt Queen Rania wore, seen on a runway during a fall 2016 fashion show.

While the fringe-hemmed piece once went down a runway with a tight black top (that, incidentally, Cara Delevingne wore recently), Queen Rania made the look a little less Gigi Hadid and a little more Kate Middleton with the cream silk blouse. As for accessories, she wore diamond leaf-shaped earrings with a simple tiara.

Olivier Rousteing’s #BalmainArmy just got a major update to its ranks.

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Disco Queen: Carine Roitfeld Takes Us Behind the Scenes of amfAR’s Charity Fashion Show

Isabeli Fontana in a dress designed by Alexandre Vauthier on the Martinez hotel terrace, overlooking the bay of Cannes. “It is summer and some of the models want to show off their bodies,” says Carine Roitfeld. (All photos by Schohaja Photography)

A stone’s throw from the dreamy ocean scene in the sleepy Riviera town of Juan-les-Pins, Carine Roitfeld, France’s most famous fashion editor, and her team are working away in near-silent union, inside a modern hotel resembling an airport lounge. 

Fontana shares a moment with Roitfeld at the fitting.

A group of older ladies chat away in the sterile lobby, eyeing diminutive sandwiches that look as if they have been designed for elves. The miniature nibbles have, in fact, been laid out for Roitfeld’s team, who sit inside an adjacent suite, sipping on warm lemon water instead. 

“I think I am going to be wearing a vintage dress from my own wardrobe tomorrow,” says Roitfeld, the former editor-in-chief of French Vogue, and editor-in-chief of CR Fashion Book as well as global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar. “I need to have my vintage stomach.” 

“When you wear vintage, you belong to nobody,” she adds.

Karlie Kloss catching up with Roitfeld: “Many of the girls want to walk the carpet and go to the dinner, and they are personalities as well as models. My only two rules are no red nails or red lipstick.”

Little do the lobby dwellers know that the real treasures lie not on the buffet table but inside the suite, where Roitfeld is completing fittings for a charity fashion show for amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS gala at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. This involves pairing an impressive selection of the world’s top models, many of whom she has discovered, with glittering designer gowns that have been custom made (with a few exceptions) for the event. 

Strike a pose. Model Barbara Palvin tries out a Marchesa dress on the Martinez hotel terrace ahead of the amfAR gala at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

She has dubbed the 31 looks that will be auctioned at the gala the Disco Collection. The main inspiration was the silver disco ball.  Icons and iconic locations from the 1970s era, like the legendary New York City club Studio 54, and some of its collaborators and patrons, from Jerry Hall to Diane von Furstenberg, also helped inspire the collection. 

Roitfeld wearing a favorite pendant from the French artist Cesar, who compresses jewelry, or crushes one’s collection to create one object. “Feel how heavy it is,” she says. “I have one of his designs on my chimney made of forks and spoons.”

“I love the people of the ’70s,” she says. “The people were so beautiful. For my tastes, I don’t think they are as beautiful today. The hair, the looks, the music, I love it. I would love to have been born a bit earlier and been 20 in the 1970s. I never went to Studio 54.”  

Karlie Kloss and Luma Grothe talk with Roitfeld. “We have amazing girls because they are from L’ Oréal — Natasha Poly, Karlie Kloss, Lara Stone, all these girls. They are the best girls. We have Jessica Hart, Izabel Goulart — more,” says Roitfeld.

She’s got the energy to lift the piece. Breakfast that morning was a double espresso, an egg, and a green juice, and she’s confident that some tricks that she and the team learned the night before from the L’Oréal models at a fitting at the Martinez hotel in Cannes have worked. “I have been doing some sports,” she says, energetically. “The models are working hard,” she adds. “They want to be like Victoria’s Secret models. They are working out twice a day.” 

Natasha Poly poses for a Polaroid in custom Versace. “The girls are exercising twice a day. They want to be like Victoria’s Secret girls,” says Roitfeld.

Roitfeld looks suntanned and smiley, and she stands with such poise that she seems to greatly exceed her height. I read that she does an hour of ballet a day. It shows. 

This is Roitfeld’s fifth fashion show with amfAR, which stages a major fundraiser on the fringes of the Cannes Film Festival each year. The Disco Collection has been designed for the most part by friends from the A-to-Z of fashion houses, from Chanel to Dior, as well as newer labels like Hood by Air and Alexandre Vauthier.  

“This is the fifth time we are doing a fashion show, so it was hard to come up with a theme that such diverse designers could all work with,” she says. “But this is something they all got excited about and could use.” 

Model Luma Grothe in a Moncler design that is part of the Disco Collection. The design is a fringed long-sleeve dress from the fall-winter 2011 collection. “Moncler looks like a fluffy bird,” says Roitfeld. “The girls have to make it work.”

Glittering gowns and shoes are everywhere you turn. Moncler, the ski brand turned fashion house, has adapted a fringed, long-sleeve dress from the fall-winter 2011 collection for the show. The design looks as if a porcupine has had its protective quills sprayed in silver and plucked to create a heavy silver jacket.

Model Alexina Graham tries on a sleeveless Tom Ford gown with corset underlay, at a fitting at the Martinez hotel in Cannes, ahead of the amfAR gala.

A floor-length Tom Ford gown hangs majestically from a silver rail. It has been created from symmetrically set rows of silver plates that lend weight to the simply structured design. A cropped-sleeve Chanel jacket has been embellished with small silver chunks that look like stones found buried in the earth. It resembles glamorous armor. It isn’t the only substantial piece. 

“Balmain is like a gladiator,” she says, pointing to another look. 

Model Soo Joo Park, sans makeup, in a Chanel jacket at the L’Oréal suite. “The difficult part for the show is hair and makeup,” says Roitfeld.

Roitfield is on first-name terms with all the models walking the show, many whom she discovered, such as Lara Stone and Bella Hadid. She has also helped put a few celebrities on the map, like Kim Kardashian. 

Roitfeld discovery Lara Stone wearing a floor-length sequined gown, designed by Roberto Cavalli for the Disco Collection, to be auctioned at the amfAR gala. 

But how has she selected these future stars? “I think it is that you fall in love. You don’t know why. It is like Lara Stone. Nobody wanted to book her because she was a bit curvy. I see with emotion. I love emotion. I gave her so many covers, and now she is a big star. There are others — Bella Hadid is here wearing Hood by Air. We were the first one to push her and Gigi Hadid on the cover. Nobody did. Then they become big stars.” 

As for Kim Kardashian. “No one would look at her before. I was the first one to put her on the cover. I thought she was beautiful and interesting, and she is a lovely person,” she says. 

A glimpse of the disco-inspired looks.

As we talk, she points to a half dozen sparkling outfits hanging on a long rail, waiting for the last girls to arrive and try them on for size. “When the models come here, we propose a dress. If it doesn’t fit, we offer another one. We have Gucci, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Paco Rabanne, and Chloé, still to go,” she says, pointing to the unclaimed rail. 

How did Roitfeld narrow down the designers when she has so many friends in the industry? “You cannot do disco without opening with a Versace dress or having a Lagerfeld dress,” she says. “I asked all of my friends, and people are very excited about this project because it has a lot of visibility and it is a good cause for charity,” she says. 

“When the models come here, we propose a dress. If it doesn’t fit, we offer another one,” says Roitfeld.

And she has thought carefully about her audience. “I wanted to create excitement and a good mood before the main auction, and a connection between fashion and the audience, many of whom are not educated in fashion. It is a dream for many to be so close to these top models,” she says. 

But for Roitfeld, it is dreamlike to rework this era. “I didn’t live this moment, but for me it looked like a dream,” she says. “I worked for a long time with Gucci and Tom Ford, who references this time in his work. It was a golden era about how to dream about a girl. Someone arrived at Studio 54 on a white horse, someone else on roller skates. Everyone was mixed together, from politicians to dancers. It is my big dream,” she says. 

Gianvito Rossi customized silver shoes.

She has other dreams too. “I think it is great to mix glamour and charity work and can bring a lot of money in,” Roitfeld says. “I love the work my daughter [Julia Restoin Roitfeld] does with the charity Smile Train for children with cleft lips, and Audrey Hepburn on location with UNICEF … and I would love to do other charity work in other places, something hands-on.” 

She pauses: “We are lucky. A cleft lip surgery costs $250. That is a pair of shoes to us.”

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Kanye West Wants to Collaborate With Payless

Kanye West believes he was raised to do something and make a difference. “I feel that if I had more resources, I could help more people. I have ideas that could make the human race existence within our 100 years better — period,” the rapper proclaimed during an appearance on The Ellen Show airing Thursday. But given the opportunity to deliver an elevator pitch to President Obama, West decided to talk about fashion instead. 

“It’s funny because I was sitting there with Obama, and Leo [DiCaprio] is talking about the environment and I’m talking about clothes,” he explained. “And everyone looks at me like that’s not an important issue or something. But I remember going to school in fifth grade and wanting to have a cool outfit. I called the head of Payless, and I said ‘I want to work with you. I want to take all this information that I’ve learned from sitting at all these fashion shows and knocking down all these doors and buying all these expensive clothes, and I want to take away bullying.’” So to translate, West wants to produce Yeezys at a lower price point so kids don’t get picked on.

Kanye West sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres on the set of her show.

While this hasn’t become a reality yet, the shoes are wildly popular. And West actually credits this success to synesthesia, where one sense activates another. “So the exact amount of emotion and color palette and sonics and everything that I put into my music, I put into [my line of] shoes — and they worked!”

But to achieve his more lofty goals, he says, he’ll have to become the “Michael Jackson of apparel in order to break open the doors for everyone that will come after I’m gone, after I’m dead, after they call me wacko Kanye.” Wacko, maybe, but West noted that people talk the most s*** about the people who care the most. At that last thought, he ended his diatribe with an apology: “I’m sorry, daytime television. I’m sorry for the realness.”

Click here to watch the full clip.

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