American Horror Story Star Reflects On Shocking Cult Moments And Sarah Paulson’s ‘Brilliance’

“She’s so incredible,” Grossman gushed about Paulson. “To see her act up close and in person, she has this remarkable ability to key into something with such laser-beam focus, and her skill set is so advanced. I’ve never really seen anything quite like it. It is intimidating and a joy, simultaneously, to get to work with her.”

The intimidation was real for Grossman. Joining a popular show in its seventh season and acting alongside two actors who have been there since the very beginning (Peters and Paulson) was nerve-wracking in and of itself, but acting one-on-one with the Emmy winner in an intimate scene between Meadow and Ally was what Grossman ultimately called the “best professional experience” of her career.

“Every single take I had I was like, ‘Well, that was terrible,'” she recalled. “I just wanted to keep up with her as much as I could.”

“She’s a real actor,” Grossman added. “It’s the same level of work whether she’s doing it for 99 people in a tiny theater or whether’s she’s doing it in a Steven Spielberg movie. It’s the same level of focus and brilliance. She is there to work with you and be a real scene partner. I’ve absolutely worked with people who, when you go onto a set, have a huge amount of attitude and the person you’re working with, particularly if they’re much more established than you are, they really want to let you know that they’re the star of the show. Sarah doesn’t have an ounce of that. Sarah is there to do the work. Can you imagine stepping into the show this far along and having a bunch of scenes with Sarah Paulson? If she wasn’t nice, that could have been horrifying.”

Their onscreen camaraderie has since grown into a real-life friendship. “She’s also one of the funniest people I’ve ever known.”

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Surprise! Selena Gomez Went Blonde For Her AMA Performance

Halloween may be over, but Selena Gomez kept things spooky at the 2017 American Music Awards Sunday night (November 19). She delivered a haunting performance of “Wolves,” her new collaboration with Marshmello, and debuted bright blonde hair on the red carpet – a first for the “Bad Liar” singer.

Neilson Barnard/Getty

“So i am blonde now,” Sel revealed on Instagram ahead of the AMAs, her first awards show since undergoing a kidney transplant last summer. She took some time off to recover, but “Wolves” marked her big return to the stage. Her performance, directed by Petra Collins, looked straight out of an old-school horror flick.

“I love horror films,” Gomez told MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves last June after “Bad Liar” came out. “So for me, it’s from, like, Eli Roth to people that I’ve admired for years, even just dark music … that has this creepy vibe to it.”

In fact, the performance’s behind-the-scenes photos are freakishly similar to visuals from 1973’s The Exorcist and 1980’s The Shining. This spine-chilling spider-walk pose appears in nearly every exorcism movie.

For more on Sel’s obsession with all things horror, as well as her ongoing work with Petra Collins, watch MTV News’ full interview, below.

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Drake Sends A Positive Message To Meek Mill At Latest Tour Stop

Drake did something unexpected at the Sunday (November 19) stop of the Boy Meets World Tour in Melbourne, Australia. As he spoke to the crowd, Graham stopped to notice a fan’s apparel and the words strewn across it.

“I see you with the Adidas three stripe,” said Drake. I see you got the ‘Free Meek Mill’ t-shirt. Free Meek Mill too, man. You right.”

The beef between the two artists began in July 2015, when Meek claimed Drake had a ghostwriter in a series of tweets. As the story unfolded, reference tracks by Quentin Miller were released, and Drake dropped numerous dis tracks like “Charged Up “and “Back to Back.” Meek responded with “Wanna Know.” However, by the time Graham put Meek on the 2015 OVO Fest meme screen, the general public knew who won the battle and war.

While the two have sent subliminals at each other on projects like 2016’s Views and 4/4 Part 2, the beef in recent months has cooled down. That’s why it’s nice to see Drake recognizing the injustice Mill is facing at the hands of the Philadelphia criminal justice system. Numerous celebrities like Jay-Z, Colin Kaepernick, and Kevin Hart have come forward in recent weeks to protest Meek’s imprisonment after a judge ruled he violated his probation. Hopefully, with the level of mounting support, Meek will be freed soon.

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Eminem Surprised On Saturday Night Live By Working ‘Stan’ Into His Performance

Eminem hasn’t seen the Saturday Night Live stage in four years, so it’s only fitting that he pulled out all the stops for his return to Studio 8H by not only throwing himself into his newest track, but pairing it with old favorites.

Typically, SNL‘s musical guest performs twice during the live broadcast of the show. Eminem isn’t typical, and neither was this performance. He was joined by a full string section and frequent collaborator Skylar Grey, who co-wrote “Walk on Water,” his duet with Beyoncé, and performed it with him at the 2017 MTV EMAs.

He threw a curveball by taking his closing bar from “Walk on Water” — Bitch, I wrote “Stan” — and plowing directly into the 2000 single that inspired it. “Stan,” Em’s career-defining, disturbing hit that paints a raw portrait of an obsessive fan, made its way into the dictionary earlier this year, so the addition of it to his SNL setlist is doubly fitting.

They wrapped with a spirited rendition of “Love the Way You Lie,” his collaboration with Rihanna (which Grey also co-wrote).

Nine straight minutes of Eminem? Very down with this programming adjustment, SNL. It would’ve been great to hear more of what’s in store for his forthcoming album, Revival, but hopefully he’ll drop a follow-up to “Walk on Water” ASAP.

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So Justice League‘s Box Office Performance Isn’t Going So Great

To be fair, $100 million is nothing to sneeze at, not by a long shot — but we’re not talking about any standard major-billing feature, here, and Justice League could very well be the first DC movie to fall short of clearing that number during its first weekend in theaters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justice League‘s opening night (and Thursday night preview) sum of $38.8 million offers little confidence that the latest installment of the DCEU will draw the same crowds that Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the rest of its affiliated films did before this.

To compare and contrast, Wonder Woman brought in $100 million for its debut weekend, which puts it high on the list of the best-selling movies of 2017 (and one of the most crowd-pleasing efforts, too).

Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman were critical flops, but still got butts in seats when they hit theaters: Suicide Squad saw a $133 million opening, with Batman v Superman earning $166 million in spite of across-the-board unenthusiastic reviews.

Justice League is no critical darling, not by a long shot, but Wonder Woman‘s popularity and major role in the ensemble blockbuster was thought to be a dependable draw going into the weekend. Diana Prince can take on armies of bad guys and save the world with her Lasso of Truth, but can she save Justice League from tanking? We won’t know until Monday morning when the final box office numbers are reported — but it’s not looking good.

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Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Wish For Something Shockingly Normal Just Came True

Kim Kardashian turned 37 on October 21, and though she blew out her candles a couple of weeks ago, she’s still thinking about what the ideal birthday wish would be — and it seems like she’s not only figured it out, but gets to make a dream come true

On the November 15 episode of Ellen, Kim gushed about what she really, truly wants for her birthday while acknowledging it’s a thing so simple, so definitively normal, that she’d likely annoy the non-celeb population, as said definitively normal thing can totally be found on a basic to-do list.

For her birthday, Kim Kardashian wanted to go grocery shopping.

“This might be really bratty and unrelatable, so I’m sorry, but I asked for — I said, ‘Can someone rent out Ralph’s for me, for one hour?'” Turns out it’s been years — years! — since Kim’s been able to go to the grocery store without getting mobbed, and that her idea of heaven is to hit up the popular Californian grocer, with North and Saint in tow, and take her time perusing the produce and cruising up and down the aisles.

In addition to the grocery business, Ralph’s is a chain that’s apparently in the wish-fulfillment business: They heard about Kim’s wish and told her to come through.

While it’s a bummer that Kim can’t go grocery shopping whenever she’d like, it’s super sweet that Ralph’s wanted to make her day — and succeeded.

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Chance The Rapper And Donald Glover Collaborated On One Of His SNL Sketches

Ahhh, stars: They’re just like us, in that their favorite rappers are likely your favorite rappers, the chances of them wanting to hang out with Drake as much as you do are probably pretty good, and we can all count on Donald Glover for a little comedic relief.

Chance The Rapper is gearing up for hosting Saturday Night Live tonight (November 18), so he swung through The Tonight Show to talk with Jimmy Fallon, esteemed SNL alum, about his return to the show and other things on his mind.

Fallon brought up a tweet in which he sang Drizzy’s praises from earlier in the week, and he was more than happy to elaborate on his admiration for the 6 God.

“I love Drake! I think we live in a time where people are ashamed to say how much they love Drake or enjoy what he does,” said Chance. “I’m totally rebelling against that. I just want to say, shoutout to Drake and your whole team; shoutout to Future, everybody.”

He went on to share that he’s written a couple of sketches for his latest turn on SNL, and that proven comedic genius Donald Glover helped him bring the idea to fruition. It’s a different kind of collaboration than the one Glover’s teenaged bullies were expecting, but hopefully they’ll be stoked about it all the same.

Apparently, Chance brought five sketches to the SNL table, and the one he and Glover collaborated on will definitely air. Guess we’ll have to tune in and see how the rest of the episode goes, and who knows — maybe an ode to Drake will work its way into his opening monologue.

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Aly & AJ Finally Dropped Their Big Comeback Project

After a decade of radio silence, Aly & AJ have officially returned with their Ten Years EP and my inner fangirl is squealing with joy. Now that the former Disney darlings are grown women in their twenties, they’re speaking from a mature perspective–so while there aren’t any tunes like “Potential Breakup Song” or “Chemicals React,” they’ve still got relevant phenomenons to reflect on. The five-track project has a bop for every occasion whether it’s coping with loss, a relationships on the decline, or having the courage to ask someone out on a date.

Ten Years is dripping with ’80s synth pop vibes as heard on the upbeat pick-me-ups “I Know” as well as the moody slow jam “Promises.” The lead single “Take Me” is a catchy tale about the woes of modern romance in a digitally driven world, whereas the closing track “The Distance” touches on the dilemma of growing apart from your partner.

While this hiatus may not have been the path that the Michalka sisters originally intended to follow, the journey was ultimately worthwhile in the end. Aly & AJ are returning to an industry that continues to change on the regular, but they no longer have to worry about losing themselves in the process because they’ve had time to figure out who they truly are. Ten Years is available to stream now.

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Dive Into The Realness Of Olivia O’Brien’s It’s Not That Deep EP

Listening to Olivia O’Brien is the equivalent of getting hit in the face with cold water—whether she’s talking about heartbreak or fake friends, the 17-year-old keeps it 100 percent with her delicious dark pop music. Back in 2016, she blew us away with her breakout ballad “hate u love u” which evolved into a collaboration with Gnash called “i hate u, i love u.”

Today, the Los Angeles-based artist has released her debut EP, It’s Not That Deep. When asked about the cover art in a Q&A on Twitter, Olivia said that it represents “a basic b**** drowning in shallow ass water” which is “a metaphor for people who care about dumb unimportant/shallow shit and let it consume their entire life.”

In a press release, the singer-songwriter further elaborated on the inspiration behind the EP. “These songs are based on what I’ve felt, experienced, and observed from the time I’ve spent in the past year in LA,” she said. “I hope that my music can inspire people to be real and honest, which are the most important values for both my music and life.”

The EP opens with the playful “Tequilawine” that depicts the feeling of getting drunk on a crush, followed by the anti-emotional anthem “Fuck Feelings.” “Empty” is a sad song about the struggles of being an outsider, and there’s “No Love” where Olivia calls out heartless social climbers. The project ends on a somber note as Olivia sends her condolences to a deadbeat friend on “RIP.”

Even for teens like Olivia, it’s important not to get swept up in the trivial aspects of life. Some pop stars shy away from fully diving into their emotions, but Olivia digs deeper because she knows she has the range to deliver it with authenticity because she’s still dealing with so many issues herself. It’s Not That Deep is out now on Island Records.

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Jaden Smith Raps About The Illuminati, Harry Potter, And Baby Ghost Elvis Presley On New Album

Do you remember the episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will flipped his prep-school jacket inside out? That’s what it feels like entering the world of Jaden Smith’s debut album, SYRE. It is an esoteric journey into the crimson and gold floral-print landscape of a prince who never had to conform to the navy blue blazers of the world.

On SYRE, Jaden wears his influences — Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, Kanye West — proudly. The album is brilliant, baffling, and good and could only have been made by a 19-year-old with endless social and economic capital. In a 2014 interview with Hot 97, Donald Glover described what it means for a kid like Jaden to be able to experiment without fear: “He is the first rich black kid really of royalty where people are like, ‘You’re Will Smith’s [son],'” Glover said. “He’s the most visible example. … He has room to fail.”

Jaden’s room to fail is what makes an album like SYRE possible. Smith’s rapping flits between being nimble, insightful, and naive. His developing singing voice and ear for melody add depth to the record. Let’s dive into some of the most memorable, confusing, and thrilling lyrics from Smith’s first official foray into the mainstream.

  • The first rule of the Illuminati? Don’t talk about the Illuminati.

    On “Breakfast” featuring A$AP Rocky, Smith raps, “The Illuminati’s real, that’s a deal / Write a book so I can prove it.”

    Yes please, Jaden, write a book. Write all the books and fill them with your musings on secret societies orchestrating the lives of the proletariat. What makes Jaden’s line at the beginning of the album genuinely hilarious is how he makes it null and void a couple of songs later. On “Lost Boy” Jaden spits:

    He’s building pyramids, he’s getting serious

    Until he drove himself delirious, like are you hearing this

    This ain’t an outer body conversation about conspiracists

    Even though I may appear as this

    To be fair Jaden, pyramids are one of the most recognizable symbols of the Illuminati. If we’re going to trust your revelations about a secret society, you cannot flip flop.

  • Jaden Smith & The Goblet of Toblerones

    Few things in this world bring more joy than the thought of Jaden Smith and Harry Potter being friends who love to share Toblerones in real life. During “George Jeff,” Jaden spits, “Huh, cheetah prints on the pants / Expelliarmus, Me and Harry Potter in the Benz.”

    It is hard to figure out if the above line is a metaphor for Jaden Smith disarming his critics with his sartorial choices or if expelliarmus is the only spell he remembers from the movie. (Side note: Jaden Smith’s patronus is definitely a sifaka lemur.)

  • Jaden Smith, Martin Luther King, and the Kama Sutra walk into a bar…

    Within the first five minutes of SYRE, Jaden Smith makes the bold proclamation, “Girl, I’m Martin Luther, Martin Luther King / Life is hard I’m Kamasutra-ing.” Jaden Smith is obviously not the famous civil rights leader, but in a roundabout way, his existence is a testament to the evolution of King’s dream.

    Jaden Smith is a young man who grew up with the type of access to money, power, and influence historically not granted to blacks. And while “Swear the city hate the watermelon and the melanin” is a real line on a real rap album in 2017, it’s reassuring that Smith is willing to speak to the cultural climate — even if he’s invoking MLK and the Kama Sutra within the same bar.

  • Jaden is also a baby haunted by Elvis Presley’s ghost.

    At points, the lyrics on SYRE sound like Jaden rapping a random assemblage of his tweets at you. The epic, confusing, and ultimately rewarding experience is best exemplified on “U.”

    I’m just a baby with a stack of needles and a sippy cup

    And this shit sucks, need some love, my Aphrodite I can touch

    Elvis Presley’s coming out of me, my head has got a rush

    Didn’t pick a fight, the FBI just picked a fight with me

    Jaden has a way with words, and I’d watch the hell out of a movie called Honey, Our Baby Is Possessed By The Ghost of Elvis, directed by Jordan Peele.

  • Does Jay-Z know who Hello Kitty is?

    There is nothing I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall when Jaden Smith walks through the Roc Nation offices. On “Rapper,” Jaden Smith spits:

    I’m about to put Hello Kitty on my neck

    Just to show wack rappers how to get it

    I slaughtered the beat and I never regret it

    I’m signing to Hov just to help with my credit

    There are a couple things to unpack here. First, what is Jaden showing wack rappers how to get? There doesn’t seem to be a huge untapped market in the rap world for Hello Kitty chains. Secondly, when your parents are Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith, a credit score above 700 seems like the least of one’s problems. Third, Jaden definitely talked to Hov about crystals, frequencies, and opening one’s third eye during their meeting as Blue Ivy looked on in amazement.

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