The sagacious guru Dj Khaled and big bawse Ricky Ross battle it out to see who’s the best cork-popper of all time in the hilarious new promo for Luc Belaire.

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Ricky Rozay goes to head-to-head with Khaled, or should we say Billy, to pop-off against each other in the first ever Cork-Popping Championship. The ish talking commences as the two set up to see who has the longest cork distance in this amusing sketch.

Scott Cohen

Although it takes place on a field, this isn’t a typical match-up for the Super Bowl. The competition is a close one, and who better to pick which boss is the best cork-popper of all time (Kanye voice) than a boss-lady herself, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Miss Nikki Baby.

Scott Cohen

She couldn’t exactly pick a winner but with Belaire popping everywhere, it looks like everyone’s winning. Don’t ever play yaself, you know what you have to do to get your Super Bowl party on and poppin’!

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